Quarter Life Crisis? Yes, it exists!!!

It was just another typical day, the only difference being it was my 25th birthday. And I was home. There wasn't anything remarkable to do. So I decided to hunt through my worn out wooden cupboard that once served as my personal 'chamber of secrets'. One quick glance and I saw myself smiling at the... Continue Reading →

Fly away you little birdie!!!

I'm a very nostalgic person with a heart always revolving around the saudades of my past. I love to cherish every element of life that I had ever encountered with - be it the warmth of my home, the innocence of my school days, the blood rush of my first love, the pain of rejection,... Continue Reading →

The Chance Encounter

Not long ago I happened to skim through 'I didn't wake up like this' penned down by the Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor that bluntly busted the myth of 'female celebrity flawlessness'. She wrote, "The next time you see a 13-year-old girl gazing wistfully at a blemish-free, shiny-haired Bollywood actress on a magazine cover, bust the... Continue Reading →

When the cries are finally heard !!!

  Is our country sinking its people into a hellhole or lifting them into seventh heaven? The question obviously does not have an upfront answer. But the homosexuals in the country now have some reason to rejoice as the Supreme Court is hopefully going to decriminalize Section 377 that prohibits gay or any form of... Continue Reading →

Leave Padmavati Alone!!!

When the country is grappling to avert itself from crumbling down due to a multitude of reasons ranging from our pathetic economic tailspin to our gadget obsessed teens committing cold blooded murders with cricket bats, it makes me hang my head in shame to behold a naive class of lunatics revolting to protect the honour... Continue Reading →

Regret No More…

Last night, as I was dashing through the crowded streets of Pune, hunting for my Uber that was on a triple surge, to get back home after a hectic day at work, something all of a sudden made me pause for a while. When I looked around, I saw countless, strange faces; some threw me... Continue Reading →

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